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When you work in your Title Plant, is it important that your work flows smoothly?

Does your Title Plant Software return what you need, when you want it, every time without hassle?

We get that. It’s important to all of us at iiExperts  we built a growing business on it, competing with the biggest names in the business for over 20 years.

We believe that our software is more powerful and comprehensive than anything you’ve used before. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We want to show you. See for yourself without any risk or cost to you.

We’ve had customers tell us, “I wish we had migrated to iiExperts years ago.”

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Randy Pittman

President, West Texas Abstract & Title
Former President, TLTA

iiExperts has the most comprehensive Title Plant software on the market. But it doesn’t stop there – the support is top notch too.  If you want a software team that really cares about the quality of the data, has the tools to make it happen and who will walk with you, I highly recommend iiExperts.

We Care About Your Plant Data

How Good Is Your Title Plant?

Powerful software is great, iiExperts has that covered for you, but what about your Title Plant Database? Are you sure it’s up to your high standards?

We recognize your Plant is your lifeblood and iiExperts specializes in identifying and fixing the problems that could possibly take down your business. The Title Plant Vital Signs Report identifies database problem areas and provides you a clean up task list.

Need A Plant Built From Scratch?

Whether the courthouse data is in digital format or on paper, we can build a Plant from it. For over 20 years, iiExperts has refined this process. Our proprietary Gap Analysis Software will list any missing or inadequately indexed instruments. The finished product is a plant without gaps, ready for you to search with confidence.

We Strive To Keep Your Plant Accurate

Unlike most Title Companies we divide Take Off going forward into two steps. The first step is Keying. It is the process of reading raw documents and keying only the relevant information to your Title Plant. The second step we call Posting. We have over 100 people available on our data entry team. They operate in our Blind Double Entry system, which means you always have at least six people keying every one of your documents.

We Keep Up With The Latest Technology

…so you don’t have to


We believe it’s our job to stay current with the trends in technology. You can rely on us to provide you safe and helpful solutions. Because technology changes so rapidly, you need a team to help you stay current.  Just think how far cell phones have come in such a short period of time.  From the old flip phone to the smart devices of today that can access the internet, play a movie or check your pulse.  Network technology develops almost as quickly.  These changes can be significant and expensive.  iiExperts stays ahead of the curve for you. 


It’s our job to figure out what is important out of the myriad of changes in technology and implement what is most helpful to you.  For example, would it be helpful to search your Plant on a tablet or a smartphone?  Probably not!  But what about GIS – seeing a parcel on a map just by clicking?  Probably yes, and this is coming soon!  We’re always enhancing our programs to provide you with the best experience and the best features so you can function efficiently.  We roll out these enhancements to you automatically.  And you can be sure we always update the online manual with any changes so you can look it up if/when you need an explanation.


iiExperts has been hosting many of our clients since 2013, providing them safe and secure storage for their most valuable asset – their Title Plant.  While you can still choose to install iiExperts Plant on your own server, our software will work seamlessly and even interchangeably in both environments.  However, your Plant would be significantly more secure on the IIX Cloud than on your own servers.  And it could cost you less too. Click “Cloud Protection” below for details.

We Look Forward To Speaking With You

About your needs

Always Fast & Accurate Answers

Your questions and needs are always a priority for us. The iiExperts team provides fast and accurate answers – in a respectful way – when you need them.  On the off chance your question makes us “scratch our head” we can even connect to your PC on the spot to diagnose the problem.  No more long waits for someone to route your questions.


There Are No Dumb Questions

We’re here for you.  Think of us as your back-office team of experts. We respect you and take every question seriously.  We’re here to help you.

Several Ways To Communicate

Everyone has their preferred way to communicate.  We’ve set things up so you can interact with our expert support team.


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We Want to Protect Your Investment

And help you grow

Your title plant is your lifeblood. As your priorities change, we’ll be there to advise when you’re ready to …


Build your Plant back to sovereignty


Add another county to your company


Migrate to an entirely new network 


Integrate with some other software


We understand how most people learn. With iiExperts, you get the training you need, when you need it.  No more long introductory training sessions where you feel you must remember everything.  Training is incremental and brings you along at a pace that works for you.  You’ll be amazed how quickly and comfortably you’ll become an expert yourself.

Long Haul

We are here with you for the long haul. For over 40 years we’ve worked with clients just like you, in a variety of different industries, and we can’t wait to see what the coming decades bring.  We enjoy working closely with our clients and we’re here to stay.