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Convenient online access of deep and geo-indexed counties of interest at reasonable rates without a long-term commitment

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Online Searching

Deep & Geo-Indexed Counties

Reasonable Rates

No Commitments

No Travel

Here Are Some Things We All Know

Your Interest In A County Is Seasonal

We understand there is a natural ebb and flow driven by the market for energy (whether Oil, Gas or Wind). When the market drops, so does your interest and activity in a County.

Traveling To Counties Costs You

That means you pay for travel, hotel and meals. Plus it’s time away from your family.


You Need To Be First To Sign A Lease

You need to quickly locate and review all the relevant courthouse documents.

Deep Geo-Indexed Title Plant = Great Value

iiExperts can help you avoid stand ups at the courthouse — with fully geo-indexed plants, and fully indexed parties.

Landman Time Allocation

This pie graph above is a typical break down of time spent in order to get a lease signed. We realize you have a lot of work to do other than Title Searches. But only 23% of the time is spent doing Title Searches.

What If…

Your Title Search Process Was Much, Much Faster and More Accurate?

You’ve got a lot of detailed work to do before you can start negotiation with the Landowner.

You can save a lot of time with a well indexed Title Plant and a link with the County Appraisal District.

Imagine if you could do all this on-line from the comfort and convenience of your home or office!

How Much Advantage Would That Give You?

If you don’t land the lease, all the time, money and effort you’ve spent is wasted.

The iiExperts advantage? We can help you get to the negotiating table faster, so you have the best chance to close the deal.

You don’t have to figure out a complicated program yourself, iiExperts can get you started fast and efficiently.  And we are only a call or chat away if you have questions at any time.

How Much Time & Money Would That Save You?

How much could you save on reduced per diem costs? (Hint: a lot!)

What is it worth to have 24x7x365 access?

Your time is valuable. iiExperts can free up more of your time.

What Can We Do For You?


IIX has been providing this service for years.  Some Title Plants we own and others we have strategic alliances with our partners.


We can even build Title Plants — fast & affordably. We are specialists in building Title Plants. We currently key in over 80 counties in Texas alone. And our keying staff of over 500 is usually always keying back file as well as take-off for current filings. We also have a scanning and film/fiche conversion team that can digitize all the documents at the county courthouse and index them too if that is not available.


We have many counties and chances are we have clients in the counties you are interested in and your inquiry will lead us to contact those clients to make the Plants available online.

Getting Started

1. Register Online

Simply click or tap this blurb to go to the registration screen.  After your registration is confirmed, you will click the Login button to start using the program.

2. Training & Support

The program is both easy and powerful but you will be up and  running in just a few minutes. If you need any extra help, you can call, email or even chat online with our helpful staff.

3. Billing

The first of each month, you will receive an invoice with all the details. The invoice is due on receipt. As long as you pay on time, your access will not be blocked.  You can stop using the service any time you wish. There is no contract.

Have Questions?

How Much Do You Charge?

That all depends on the county.  We are competitive and fair.  We are confident we do above and beyond what what you need.  Call for a quote.

Can You Help Build Back To Sovereignty?

Yes!  Call, email or chat to discuss.

Have A Special Program For Landmen?

We have a browser and a desktop version. Call, email or chat for a demo.

We're Ready To Help You

We’ve built our company – and our reputation – on helping people like you succeed, making your job easier and less frustrating. Making your day better is a big part of the value we bring to the table. We can prevent disasters. And we can back up that claim.

We’re here to help, not waste your time with a sales pitch. Call us and let’s get started.